The world’s greenest continent, The continent’s greenest region, The region’s greenest city, The city’s greenest hotel


Did I mention that ESCO Europe 2013 takes place at the Crowne Plaza hotel Copenhagen… the world’s greenest hotel?

In the year that the EU passed the Energy Efficiency Directive, what better country to locate ESCO Europe 2013 than in the country which did more than any other to pass this Directive? As presidency-holder of the EU at the time, Denmark deserves that accolade.

Choosing the venue for the conference was pretty simple too. It had to be the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers… the world’s greenest hotel, of course.

To ensure you get the most from ESCO Europe 2013, we are offering you the chance to take a FREE tour around the whole of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on January 22 to see how the greenest hotel in the world operates on a day to day basis.

Here are just a few facts about the hotel:

  • 85m² exterior made up entirely of energy-absorbing panels, generating approximately 170,000kw/h of power every year. The hotel forms the largest solar panel building installation in Northern Europe.
  • An installed groundwater-based heating system, which draws water from 100m below the hotel, enabling the hotel to be heated or cooled using around 90% less energy than more conventional methods.
  • Low energy lighting, computer equipment and kitchen equipment has also been installed to save energy – even food waste is sent to biogas power generation plants.
  • There is even a bike in the gym where you can generate your own electricity!

Check out this short video clip about the hotel for further information on what makes the Crowne Plaza Towers so green…

The pre-conference site visit is part of our specialized pre-conference day taking place on January 22, which drills down on some of the more technical elements of ESCO operations. Click on the link below to see more information on the day:

Pre-conference specialised Workshops & Site Visit

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity we offer our ESCO Europe 2013 participants! Places are limited to a maximum of 40 – Book now to ensure your place!

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,

Ed Butler
Conference Producer

P.S Don’t forget, this tour is FREE so those 40 places will soon be gone – Book now to avoid disappointment!