Toronto Hydro selects EnergyAxis smart meters


Toronto Hydro-Electric, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corporation, will deploy 400,000 EnergyAxis electricity meters in the first phase of the Ontario smart meter initiative (SMI).The EnergyAxis System, from global metering solutions provider Elster Electricity, has been under test by Toronto Hydro-Electric since 2004 and has been found to be suited to the utility’s interval data metering needs, including the collection of hourly interval and timeof- use metering data on electricity consumption from apartments, townhouses, and single-family residences

The system also has a twoway controlled mesh network, which has the ability to penetrate most meter rooms, parking decks, and foliage in dense urban environments. The Ontario SMI aims for the installation of 800,000 smart electricity meters by the end of 2007, increasing to more than 4.5 million meters province-wide by the end of 2010. /