Triggers for engaging consumers with smart energy – to be discussed at Smart Utilities Scandinavia


Recently we spoke to Morten Bremild, founder of Danish smart energy consultancy Axelerate, about the consumer attitude to smart energy and the market players’ roles in creating universal value out of the ‘smart’ proposition.
Morten’s key statement is that the customer is not buying electricity, just paying the bill.
It implies that electricity – or any kind of energy – is a low-interest commodity to the private consumer, and certainly not engaging. Unless affected by rising prices or presented by clear value propositions, the consumer will remain disinterested in the smart grid story.
To move from the status quo, Morten suggests a better market framework to deal with the concept of consumers, prosumers, aggregators, energy suppliers and service providers. Right now their market roles are undefined, which makes the value chain weaker and distribution of benefits unclear.
Businesses also need to start collaborating with one another, offering not individual products but interconnected suites of products of real consumer value. Failing to do that, the market will remain segmented and stagnant.
But how should it all be done in practice?
The final one hour panel debate at Smart Utilities Scandinavia on 18 April – Realising Smart Energy, moderated by Morten – will discuss just that. Each stakeholder’s point of view and how to integrate new business models, markets, costs and technology will be debated around the following points:

  • How can we ensure that investments in smart meters/grids deliver a smarter energy system? Are those who pay necessarily those who benefit?
  • How to create and mobilise new business models and services around smart energy? What are the emerging trends?
  • What are the triggers for engagement of consumer with smart meters/grid? More headway clearly needs to be made, but in what form?
  • How do market players get right technologies and strategy in place? Is the lack of interoperability and common standards holding back the progress?

Panelists are: Marielle Liikanen of Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, Lauri Penttinen of SmartRegions Central Finland Energy Agency, Johan Söderbom of Distribution and Sales R&D, Vattenfall, Poul Berthelsen of NRGi and Senan McGrath of ESB E-cars.
Have a look at the full conference programme and join us on this closing panel to share your views on what we all collectively need to do to make the full potential of smart energy realised.
Register here or contact me directly for group discounts or any questions about the event.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm!
Kind regards,
Aida Mezit
Conference Producer
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