Turnkey Zigbee solutions


Airbee Wireless Inc. and Radiocrafts AS have announced a teaming arrangement to deliver out-of-the-box ZigBee-read solutions. The parties have executed a licence agreement for Airbee’s embedded ZigBee-ready network software, which will be supplied on Radiocrafts’ module platforms.

Airbee’s intelligent networking solutions adhere to the ZigBee specifications. The company brings important software solutions with its embedded ZigBee protocol software (Airbee-ZNS) which includes built-in test agents, self-tests and support tools. Airbee is also offering the first ZigBee network management software solution (Airbee-ZNMS) that enables rapid commissioning of interoperable ZigBee networks.

Radiocrafts has recently launched a series of compact ZigBee-ready RF modules operating at 2.45 GHz. The shielded modules are made for surface mounting and are optionally available with integrated antenna or RF connector.