User-Friendly Smart Home Technology is Key


The idea of being able to control your household appliances at the touch of a button is exciting, especially if it means saving time and money. But, for this to really work, manufacturers must devise technology that will interconnect all types of appliances from various vendors, simply and efficiently.

The smart home has much to offer both the home’s occupants as well as utility companies. As far as energy is concerned, the utility can optimize the delivery of power to homes and businesses and customers get to enjoy more control over their energy usage which will hopefully have a positive effect on their pockets at the end of the month. Smart technology is aimed at providing users a centralized control over just about any device in their home or office, from appliances to security systems. In addition, the technology includes robust asset-tracking, used to accurately track high-value equipment and vehicles. The implications for healthcare are extraordinary-medical staff and family members of the sick and elderly will be able to remotely monitor a patients’ health around the clock.

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