Viterra Energy Services wins US contracts


Viterra Energy Services, a global leader in the consumption-based metering and billing of energy and water, has recently signed four new contracts with American utility companies, thereby strengthening its position as outsourcing billing partner in the deregulated utility market.

Energy America Republic Power, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centrica plc., contracted Viterra Energy Services last August to provide billing services for their energy retail programme in Texas, which mainly targets multi-family housing properties. In October 2003 Hino Electric Power outsourced its EDI translation and billing services, as well as its billing services for the deregulated electricity market in Texas, to Viterra Energy Services. Most recently the company started providing EDI translation and billing services to TriEagle Energy LLC, the retail electricity provider from Texas, and Starlight Electric, a division of New Mexico Natural Gas, LP, targeting residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The newly acquired contracts are part of Viterra Energy Service’s USA strategy to expand its leading position in utility management services by providing specialised metering and billing solutions for water, gas and electricity to utility companies in both deregulated and regulated markets. Viterra Energy Services is responsible for the metering and billing of water and energy consumption in more than 10 million homes worldwide and 700,000 in the US. Viterra has operations in 28 countries, and the services offered to property managers, homeowners and energy utilities include the supply and installation of meters, metering and consumption-based billing, and the collection of ancillary payments.