Washing Machines? Leading the Smart Home Revolution? … Really?


So, according to a report published not too long ago in Fierce Smart Grid, smart washing machines are leading smart appliances globally.

That’s interesting stuff!

We’ve certainly featured quite a few leading global washing machine manufacturers (Whirlpool, Bosch) at previous Smart Home conferences. But, if washing machines are the leading appliance then others are not far behind. Fridges I know have been trialed in grid balancing programmes previously as well as water heaters, dish washers, clothes dryers and other appliances.

And what of cars? Not strictly a smart home appliance, I know. But, these are worth keeping a close eye on because they really could emerge as the shining white knight of the smart home revolution, with the power to store energy and power the home in a cleaner way than is currently the case.

With utilities now vying for customer access in deregulated markets, it will be interesting to see what they begin offering as part of their customer packages… free washing machine for a 2 year contract? Free Mercedes for a 10 year contract? Maybe even a TV package deal?

It’s nice in a way to see this because partnerships are the only way really that smart homes are going to get off the ground, so if tight profit margins and competitive markets mean joining forces and offering more competitive packages at cheaper rates, surely that’s great for the customer?

Smart Homes 2012 brings you the latest projects, insights and updates from across the smart home spectrum ranging from HEM, EV, home appliances, home entertainment to smart metering and the grid, because before long they may well all be different product suites from one big smart home company.

Watch this space…

I look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!
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Ed Butler
Conference Producer

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