Water meters for the UAE


The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) in the United Arab Emirates has chosen Severn Trent Servicesí¯¿½ SmartMeterí¯¿½ fluidic oscillation water meters to upgrade ADWEAí¯¿½s water metering technology. The SmartMeter solid state water meters will replace existing mechanical meters, in order to meet the utilityí¯¿½s need to improve metering accuracy and reliability. In addition the SmartMeters are able to communicate metering data using various networked AMR systems.

The presence of air in water systems does not affect SmartMeter accuracy, because the fluidic oscillation technology measures only the flow of water. The meters are not negatively affected by the wear and subsequent accuracy problems caused by sand and grit, because they have no moving parts. They are available to suit a range of pipe sizes and flow rates.

The scope of Severn Trent Servicesí¯¿½ contract with ADWEA includes the supply of the meters and the touch pads used to take readings at both residential and commercial properties. Severn Trent Services will also provide local technical support throughout the programme.