What can we learn from the Danes?


Unlike most of Europe, which has taken only tentative steps towards renewables as an alternative to oil & gas, Denmark has taken the pledge to be fully carbon free by 2050.  Its renewable energy mix (mainly wind power and biomass) is planned to fully phase out fossil fuels, with the electrification of transport and heating crucial for its success.
Detractors claim that renewables are costly and will push energy prices higher, which at a time of recession may destabilise economies and be hugely unpopular to consumers.
The Danish claim that it will instead incentivize the economy by turning Denmark into the clean tech hub, creating highly skilled technical jobs and exporting expertise globally.
What can we learn from the Danes?Does being first in a nascent market give you a competitive edge in development of new technologies and highly skilled workforce? Will green technologies become Danish no 1 export? And what are the risks to the country’s economy of energy prices hikes and high levels of initial investments?

Anders Stouge, Deputy Director General from Danish Energy Association will expand on the policy at Smart Utilities Scandinavia (20th& 21st of March, Copenhagen).
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