What does the future hold for Russian utilities?


There has been a lively debate amongst the utility community about the level of digitization the network needs, and what technologies deliver most cost effective and tangible results. There is no lack of ‘smart’ technology globally; the issue is about its adaptability to the specifically Russian setting.

The central role of consumers is at the heart of smart grid in developed economies, and we also are starting to see a gradual transition to consumer–centric approach in Russia.

Finally, an ongoing debate about a regulations versus market led sector sees no sign of abating. The new policy is in the making, with everybody waiting to see the implication of the current consolidation of Russia’s network companies into one entity.

With so much in the making, Smart Utilities Russia (29-30 January, Moscow, Russia) will engage in an open discussion about the key questions of Russia’s energy future:

  • What would benefit the industry in the long term: fully liberalised electricity markets or more regulated ones with government intervention?
  • What technological and operational changes are needed to transform the sector into a more efficient, integrated and profitable operation?
  • The role of smart grid expertise in Russia – understanding what would and wouldn’t work in the Russian setting

Join E.ON Russia, Enel Russia, Lukoil, Invel, Energy Development Fund, CyberGrid, IDC Energy Insights, European Network for Cyber Security, EnVerv, MVV Energie AG, and other expert speakers and take part in an open debate about the most pressing questions in Russia’s energy sector today.

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Aida Mezit
Conference Producer

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