What the future holds for building energy efficiency in Europe


The reality with utilities is that their core business is one of diminishing returns. Year on year they are required to sell less energy to customers in accordance with the new Energy Efficiency Directive. As a result, services are becoming far more important as core revenue generators.
Home energy management and expansion into the smart home space is one such example. But, it was interesting to read just how central energy services in the form of building energy efficiency is also becoming with some utilities.
Have a read at the exclusive interview with Lars Clausen from DONG, Denmark’s largest utility.
Certainly the figures he quotes are impressive:

Lars Clausen a top executive at DONG Energy, says the Danish company was able to become one of the leading energy firms in Northern Europe by seeing energy savings not as a "threat", but an "opportunity".

This all poses an interesting question: If the cash-rich, muscle-bound utilities do make a serious move into the ESCO space, how is this going to affect the market?
Utilities – typically not seen as the nimblest and most innovative of industries – must now enter a domain which has to be largely controlled by independent players.
Will they simply be able to bring their strength to bear to force out the smaller ESCOs; will the growing market allow for all types of different business models to co-exist, or might we see a period of real innovation amongst all stakeholders as they fight it out?

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