Why Russia’s growing urbanisation needs smarter energy approaches


As energy efficient urban living is one of the key global  21st energy trends, we interviewed Frieder Schmitt, Head Corporate Technology & Innovation at MVV Energie, one of Germany’s largest multi-utility companies and the leader of the government endorsed ‘Moma’ smart grid project.

On the question whether current developments in European smart cities resonate in Russia, Frieder says:

"Against the backdrop of the rapidly increasing energy demand in big cities, rising primary energy prices and the intention to reduce subsidies, all cumulative savings on the demand side, helped by new technologies such as CHP and heat pump, are extremely valuable.

The 21st century urban developments ask for a smart and integrated community energy management system that combines urban development and smart energy philosophy"

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Isn’t this a promising approach for urban and regional utilities in Russia to manage together with their municipalities and lead to an exciting and challenging future?

Frieder will be presenting on the ‘Moma’ smart grid project and will be a panellist on the Innovation and smart grid panel at Smart Utilities Russia. The panel will discuss the electric grid requirements in Russia and which ‘smart’ approaches work and which don’t.

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