Jul 01 2021

Resilient Grid Connectivity | Overcoming connectivity challenges with breakthrough solutions

60-Minute session

The implementation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is increasing across the ASEAN region to support climate change and provide new and efficient grid management opportunities.

As utilities and grid managers further look into smart metering technology, they need to overcome the challenge of rapid technology evolution, and network coverage issues, to make the most of reliable and scalable connectivity infrastructure.

Recent industry breakthroughs in metering connectivity technology will greatly simplify daily operations for smart meter vendors and utilities with out-of-the-box meter and connectivity installation, and 24/7 network resilience.

Join our webinar to explore:

  • Connectivity pain points for smart meter makers and utilities (multi SKUs, long installation time, network disruptions, physical maintenance…)
  • Metering connectivity technology considerations 
  • Overview of latest cellular connectivity innovations
    • Revolutionised IoT connectivity activation
    • Easy connectivity provisioning at manufacturing, at device installation or in the field
    • Benefits and use cases
  • How current innovations can secure a good ROI


Jitender Sandhu, Country Manager India and ASEAN | Thales Digital Identity & Security

Aloysius Joseph, Account Manager IoT Solutions Australia | Thales Digital Identity & Security

Kaushik Ghosh, Group CTO | Secure Meters Limited

Vlad Tohadze, IoT / Business Development | Vodafone Australia