About: 2nd Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit 2019


Date: 25 – 28 February 2019

Location: Dubai, UAE

Back by popular demand, the 2nd Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2019 will take place on 25 – 28 February 2019 in Dubai! We are proud to announce that the 2nd Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit will return bigger and better as premier networking and learning platform for senior level decision makers from the electricity and power utilities companies and government/energy authorities as well as ministries in charge of smart grid infrastructures across Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and globally to discuss and share insightful experience and knowledge in reducing technical and non-technical losses in the power system.

The 2nd Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit 2019 provides a platform to discuss real challenges that the electricity power utilities companies are facing today in the region. In this summit, we will discuss and identify the effective strategies in reducing technical loss in distribution and transmission lines due to extreme weather and equipment of poor standards, effective metering data auditing and analysis, smart metering in loss management reduction, best practice revenue collection enhancement methods, implementing billing systems which minimize non-technical loss & control electricity theft, and effective strategies to detect and prevent the illegal consumption of electricity.

In addition, expect to hear real life case studies on how you can successfully reduce the percentage of losses in distribution and transmission in the power system and effective methods in preventing electricity loss around the world.

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