About Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium 2018


Date:  15 October 2018

Location: CenterPoint Energy’s Corporate Headquarters – Houston, Texas


The Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium is the longest running, most influential gathering of utility industry professionals that meet annually to discuss best practices in smart grid customer education.

Whether you are a utility looking to roll out advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or are considering Dynamic Pricing or Time-of-Use programs, this event is for you.

Both marketing and technology professionals will gain from the experience of listening to industry best practices and candid stories around smart grid deployment.

This year’s event will focus on the following topics:

  • Case Studies: AMI, Dynamic Pricing and TOU customer education programs
  • The dynamic and critical utility-customer relationship
  • The critical need for future-proofing our electrical system
  • Lessons learned after 2017 hurricanes and the benefits of AMI
  • Impacts of grid modernization and technology investments on consumers
  • Educating and partnering with advocates
  • Building a sound regulatory business case for grid modernization
  • Smart home, smart city and preparing for the utility of the future

To register for the event or submit for a speaking position, follow the links below: