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Ed’s note: The true impact of COVID-19

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on utilities is a complex animal. Utilities are seeing a double impact on their bottom line, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor of Smart Energy International.

What might COVID-19 mean for DSOs in the long-term?

Anja Langer Jacquin, the CCO of DEPsys explains what might COVID 19 mean for energy distribution system operators (DSOs) in the long-term.
grid managers

Keeping the lights on at the end of the tunnel

Grid managers must consider what they can do quickly to prepare for further disruption. The problem is that strengthening the grid with physical assets is expensive.

Challenges of operating a grid during a pandemic

Anja Langer, the CCO of DEPsys looks at the threats and challenges experienced by energy grid operators during the pandemic.

To end King Coal’s reign, must his most loyal subjects get...

The paper recommends extensive compensation be considered for regional economies hardest hit by the loss of coal producers and energy-intensive industries

Ed’s note: Could emissions capturing technology change the natural gas story?

Is it possible to change the story of natural gas – or even coal – through the use of carbon capture technology?
energy efficiency

Electrification drives the need for energy efficiency

The electrification transformation continues to gain steam as all customer segments adopt electric technologies to lower their utility bills.

Ed’s note: Surviving election cycles

As the United States presidential race hots up, and various policy adjustments are proposed, editor Claire Volkwyn has a question: How do you ensure climate change policy remains in place especially after a change in administration?

Ed’s note: Innovative energy technologies of the future

What are the innovative technologies that will form the basis of our power ecosystem in the next decade? How will these be...

Powerline management in the time of Corona

COVID-19 has put communities on lockdown. Many are staying at home, but that’s not an option for the frontline workers running critical power transmission infrastructure and keeping the lights on.

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