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Energy sector insights, report analysis, predictions and examination of energy trends, grid innovation and energy market movements within the energy sector. Energy policy and regulatory frameworks are also included.

AI applications

Extreme weather pushes power grids to the brink – Is AI...

Sean McEvoy, who leads the Energy AI business unit for California-based Veritone, explores how AI can be used to optimise grid resilience.

Ed’s note: An Olympic challenge

Did you know that the Beijing Games aren’t the first to have the objective of powering the games with 100% renewable energy?

Ed’s note: Does Bill Gates have the answers?

How to avoid a climate disaster is Bill Gates’ view on “the solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need” on how best to “get to zero”.
100$ million dollar awarded by Elon Musk for carbon capture technology

Ed’s note: Elon Musk, the carbon capture quest and a $100...

Elon Musk launched his challenge to find the best carbon dioxide removal technologies in the world, is this something the utility industry should look at?
Global Power and Energy Elites leaders 2021

Ed’s note: Have you met the Global Power and Energy Elites...

Ever wonder what sets successful leaders and projects apart? The Global Power and Energy Elites may provide some answers.
balancing mechanism

COVID-19 shifts global energy demand

We look back at what impact 2020 had on the energy sector and what learnings global energy retailers can take with them into 2021.
innovator, Initiate!

Ed’s note: Investing in our youth

Developer & investor ACWA Power are putting their money where their mouths are with the youth driven initiative ‘The Power is Within You’.

How cities and utilities are prioritising technology to address challenges

US cities and utilities continue to adapt to pressing issues, such as aging infrastructure, natural disasters and the growing desire to incorporate renewables.
digital experience

Ed’s note: Has the GB smart meter programme finally turned a...

Are customer perceptions around meters in the United Kingdom changing? Do recent satisfaction rating signal a longer-term change?
Swiss RE Institute

Future resilience depends on smart infrastructure investment today

Developing smart infrastructure can both strengthen pandemic responses today and support economic recovery tomorrow states - Swiss RE Institute

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