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Energy sector insights, report analysis, predictions and examination of energy trends, grid innovation and energy market movements within the energy sector. Energy policy and regulatory frameworks are also included.

Big trends driving connected energy and the future of utilities

Episode Summary What role is technology playing when it comes to accelerating the energy transition and innovation? In this...
smart city

Smart, hyperconnected cities: environmental and financial benefits

At the helm of smart city projects are secure and resilient communication platforms, optimal utilisation of real-time data, effective planning.
advanced metering

AMI penetration in Africa: a comparison with global progress

This article looks at the adoption of advanced metering infrastructure in Africa and explores factors driving and hindering rollout of the technology as well as how the solution is helping utilities in the region to address critical energy challenges.

Working together to ensure services during coronavirus crisis

The nation’s utilities are working together to protect the energy grid and ensure continued access to reliable energy during the COVID-19 crisis
latin america

Coronavirus crisis could promote smart grids in Latin America

CONICET's Patricio G. Donato discusses how hte current Coronavirus crisis can result in the development and implementation of smart grids in Latin America.

Ed’s note: Crisis management

I trust that you are all well and keeping your spirits up. I hope too that you are taking time out to...
microgrids disaster

The big benefits of microgrids in disaster

Jeff Schlegelmilch of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University explains the benefits of microgrids during a disaster.

Ed’s note: THANK YOU!

The Ed’s Note today has one purpose - to spotlight an initiative started by our colleagues in our European offices. It’s a chance to say Thank you! to the men and women who are keeping our utility services running during what is the most challenging time we have faced globally.

Ed’s note: It’s investment that will determine fossil fuel’s future

Divesting from fossil fuels is an efficient way for the fund to manage the financial risk associated with a transition in line with the Paris agreement.
bristol energy

Decarbonising heat for energy justice to vulnerable customers

Samantha Nicol, head of innovation at Bristol Energy explores measures being implemented to ensure no customer is left behind on the journey to net-zero.

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