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Energy sector insights, report analysis, predictions and examination of energy trends, grid innovation and energy market movements within the energy sector. Energy policy and regulatory frameworks are also included.

Ed’s note: Alternative business cases for smart meters?

A recent report by 2020health, commissioned by Smart Energy GB, has provided a potential new business case for smart meters – that of health monitors.
AI applications

Ed’s note: AI – magic or mayhem?

AI is not the panacea to all, nor will it render us ruled by machines or part of the Matrix. The reality lies somewhere in between.

Ed’s note: And it’s a win for US energy policy?

Shortly after the results of the US election in 2016 were announced, I had dinner with some lovely US-based clients. The conversation...
Trump and Biden down to the wire on US Election day

Ed’s note: Down to the wire for Biden and Trump

As Americans prepare to go to the polls today to vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden as president of the United States, Claire Volkwyn wanted to reflect on what the election results could mean for energy policy in the US.
covid brexit

Will COVID-19 and Brexit derail UK’s net zero journey?

What role will decarbonisation and sustainable development play in helping the UK amid COVID-19 and Brexit? Daniel Atzori explains.

It’s all about flexibility

This article delves into the IRENA report, The Innovation Landscape for a Renewables Powered Future, which provides a holistic roadmap and systemic approach to innovation.
COP26 preparations for the policy conference

COP26: The race to zero

The Paris Agreement signed five years ago, set commitments by world leaders to tackle climate change. The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to discuss the progress.
energy system integration

Energy system integration: All systems go

The EC has unveiled an energy system integration strategy. Claire Volkwyn examines the detail and finds out how it could be delivered.

Oiling the energy wheels of industry

The climate fight will not be won without the involvement of the I&C sector and its willingness to embrace innovation and new technologies argues Mike Phelan.
electricity system

Local energy markets rethink the utility customer relationship

Local energy markets are a next-generation concept that could provide a solution aligning the needs of utilities, the grid and electricity consumers.

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