25 Years: A story of evolution – 2006-2010


Part 3 of our walk through the archives as we document the changes and milestones in the evolution of the smart energy sector over the past 25 years.

Part 1: 1996-2000
Part 2: 2001-2005
Part 4: 2011-2015
Part 5: 2016-2021

The story of Smart Energy International’s evolution mirrors that of the dynamic sector we seek to serve. Here’s a recap of some of the milestones from around the world between 2006 and 2010:


Issue 4/2006
  • The IEC 61850 communications protocol is recognised as a standard that will change the industry.
  • San Diego Gas & Electric plans to install smart meters for all its1.3 electricity customers by 2010.
  • Cutting-edge technologies have failed to produce the great AMR revolution – because someone in the process forgot the consumer.
  • Metering is smartest when it delivers business value but utilities are not taking full advantage of the benefits of AMR.
  • The Bayard Group buys Hunt Technologies and the Enermet Group OY, Finland, making it the largest metering group in the world
  • Twitter launches


Issue 3/2007
  • The term Smart Grid is first defined, referring to the deeply integrated use of digital technology and communications within power grids, thanks to the evolution of the smart meter.
  • Apple introduces the iPhone, marking the beginning of an increasingly large energy footprint of the digital economy and Google releases Google Docs
Issue 4 /2007
  • Meter data management systems are the hot new application for utilities considering AMI.
  • The Energy Independence and Security Act aims to increase US energy security, develop renewable energy production and improve vehicle fuel economy.
  • The first 105-metre wind tower is installed in the US by Enel Green Power North America



Issue 1/2008
  • A worldwide financial crisis becomes the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Oil prices reach a new high, over$145 per barrel.
  • Tesla Motors starts production of the Roadster with less than 2,500 vehicles produced … but the EV landscape is changed forever.
  • The first blockchain is created
  • The Middle East is facing its own energy challenges and utilities are rapidly turning to smart energy technologies.
  • Energy demand, cost, power quality and reliability in a digital society are some factors driving the development of a highly-automated, modernised power delivery system.


Issue 1/2009
  • ENTSO-E is established as the EU forum of 41 TSOs from 34 countries responsible for coordination between TSOs.
  • The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is founded
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is passed, a major stimulus for smart energy. The US Smart Grid Interoperability Panel is formed to define and coordinate standards development for the emerging smart grid.
  • New York City innovates with a new set of software tools for tracking and organising the installation of 850,000 AMI transmitters and 400,000 water meters
  • Smart metering is introduced in Italy’s natural gas sector.
  • Demand side management is identified in South Africa as an essential solution for reducing demand while generation capacity is increasing


Issue 4/2010
  • The Stuxnet virus, the first targeted, weaponised cyber-attack against an industrial control system, is uncovered, highlighting the potential future threat of malware on utility SCADA systems
  • The German government publishes a key policy document outlining the Energiewende, the ongoing program to transition to a low-carbon system
  • Ireland’s Commission for Energy Regulation sets up smart metering behavioural and technology trials
  • France begins its smart meter rollout with a trial of 300,000 Linky meters in the cities of Tours and Lyon.
America Latina edition 2/2010
  • Google and Microsoft offer apps for smart phones. There are already 4.7 billion mobile phone subscriptions- 2 out of every 3 people on the planet.
  • Apple introduces the iPad.