Ed’s note: A match made in COP26 heaven


Elia Group (a Belgian TSO operating both in Belgium and Germany) and Octopus Energy Group (a British utility and technology provider) signed an agreement last week at COP26. It regards the collaboration of the two groups on the development of consumer centric energy services, with the scope of facilitating the energy transition.

The agreement involves close working between re.alto energy, the first European digital marketplace for energy data and services founded in 2019 by the Elia Group, and KrakenFlex, a cloud-based platform acquired by Octopus Energy in 2020. The signing was completed with a meeting with the Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by Chris Peeters (CEO Elia Group) and Greg Jackson (CEO Octopus Energy) will allow both companies to use KrakenFlex’s flexibility platform and re.alto’s energy data marketplace in order to facilitate and promote flexibility.