Can My Business Have a Gas Smart Meter?


For many businesses, their commercial gas installation is an essential part of operating their business but also a drain on resources.  Paying out utility bills takes up a big chunk of any business expenses and while there isn’t much that can be done about electric usage, gas usage can be made more efficient through the use of a smart meter.

What are smart meters?

[quote] Many homes are already switching to smart gas meters and now the big names in the business are offering them for commercial properties.  Smart meters work alongside an energy monitor that can located anywhere in the property and shows how much energy the business is using as well as what this is costing you.  It can operate for both gas and electricity and allows a snapshot at where cost savings can be made.

A smart meter system uses a communication hub and a display unit to convey this information and take readings every day.  These readings are sent to the gas provider in a similar manner to the way a mobile phone sends data and this allows accurate bills as well as the ability to check the usage levels.  It also saves having to submit meter readings to the supplier.

Why choose a smart meter?

The main benefit of having a smart meter is that it can save the business money.  Wasted energy is wasted money and a smart meter allows you to see when you are wasting money.  It could be something as simple as heating left on after the end of the working day and heating an empty building.  This would allow you to see when you want to heating to work, making for a comfortable office environment but saving on wasted gas.

Estimated bills can be a pain for householders and a bigger pain for businesses as energy companies don’t always get it right.  Paying higher or lower bills than necessary is a trial and can lead to time wasted sorting the problem.  Using a smart meter alleviates this problem as the utility company always get an accurate meter reading for bills.

Becoming energy efficient

A smart meter is a big step towards the business becoming more energy efficient.  We all want to play our part in helping the environment, using less resources and saving ourselves money at the same time – or increasing profits in the case of a business.  By highlighted areas that a business wastes gas and electricity, this is a strong step towards being energy efficient.

Pair these measures with other moves such as having the insulation of the building checked for quality and size as well as looking at the types of windows and doors on the premises and over time, substantial savings can be made.

Getting a smart meter

Smart meters are provided by a number of commercial gas installation companies and by the utility companies themselves.  Fitting these meters doesn’t take a lot of time and the control console can be placed wherever is convenient such as in a manager’s office.  This makes monitoring the information as simple and efficient as any other daily task.


Author: Stuart Cooke is the Marketing Manager for E.B Gas, domestic and commercial gas specialist based in Northern Ireland.