Ed’s note: Do you know what your customers really think?


Do you know what it is that your customers think about energy consumption, smart home technology, or your service?

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative recently asked modern energy consumers some of these questions and came back with some interesting responses. The customer groups selected made up approximately 74% of all consumers.

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According to the research, there are a variety of energy segments, one of which – the green innovator – would be interested in a first chance at technologies or offers and would be interested in closer participation or collaboration with utilities. The other two segments – tech-savvy and moveable middle – cover the two segments which need more information and guidance based engagement.

However, it did get me thinking. We are quick to segment consumers into high or low consumption, high or low risk, possibly even according to where they live – but how often do we really ask if they consider themselves an innovator, an early adopter or more of a follower?

Would this kind of approach change the way we engage with consumers? Is it correct to assume that just because someone is a low energy consumer that they are not necessarily passionate about energy conservation, or that because they live in a low-income area, that they are not an early adopter in their hearts – if not necessarily in their pockets?

Would appealing to some of the aspirations of our consumers change the relationships we have with them?

Perhaps, more importantly: how has the current pandemic impacted the way that you are engaging with your consumers? How are you engaging with those who cannot pay their energy bills? Are you considering how you can engage with them further during this time?

How can you enhance your relationship and build brand loyalty? Are you providing access to energy enabled products that may save money, provide security or meet their aspirational needs for automation and smart tech when economies start to recover?

Do you have a customer engagement story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. You can either email us at editorial@smart-energy.com or comment on our LinkedIn post.

Wishing you a week in which you reconsider your consumer relationships.

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