EDMI Smart Gas Meter selected by leading Italian gas distribution utility


Singapore, 1st October 2014—In the first tranche of Italy’s residential smart gas meter rollout, mandated by the energy regulator AEEGSI in Decree 631/13/R/Gas, EDMI has been selected to provide its Helios ultrasonic gas meters to 2i Rete Gas, a leading company in the market of natural gas distribution in Italy and a pioneer in the field of systems for remote reading and management of electronic gas meters.

Italy led Europe to a complete rollout of 35 million smart electricity meters in 2006 and, as one of the few EU countries with government mandated smart gas meters, hopes to repeat this effort with their advanced gas utility infrastructure

EDMI’s ultrasonic smart gas meters are highly innovative and compact, employing mass market-proven static measurement technology, developed in partnership with Panasonic, whose ultrasonic technology is used in over 800,000 smart gas meters in Japan. The meters have a high level of ingression protection, with a rating of IP67, and a wide operational temperature range of -25°C to +55°C with remote and local operation of the valve as required in the AEEGSI mandate.

EDMI will supply 2i Rete Gas with 45,000 meters in this first tranche. Two new models of the EDMI Helios series customised to the Italian market, covering both G4 and G6 sized meters will be installed in 8 cities among 24 chosen by 2i Rete Gas in the first phase of their large rollout across Italy.

Ninety-five percent of the meters will be deployed with wireless M-BUS communications working on the 169 MHz frequency band, the primary choice by 2i Rete Gas as the main technical solution for remote reading of gas meters, communicating with 2i Rete Gas selected data concentrators, as envisaged by the European standard EN 13757 and the Italian UNI CIG 11291-11. The remaining 5%, of meters supplied will be deployed with point-to-point technology (GSM-GPRS), and essentially covers individual installations of meters mainly in rural or low-density areas.

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