Ed’s note: The good news edition

Over the past few weeks, we have been faced with a lot of bad news – which I will not go into today – and I thought perhaps it was time for some good news.

So today’s newsletter is focussing only on the good news. We will, however, continue to provide a balanced view of all the news on our site and we encourage you to visit Smart Energy International throughout the day to keep up with what is happening in the smart energy world globally.

For the Smart Energy team, one of the highlights of our week last week was our Utility Crisis Management webinar series where we really got to understand the incredible work being done by utility staff around the globe to ensure that the lights stay on and the gas and water supply remain operational. From stories about self-isolation on-site to free lunches for operational staff and ‘hazard’ pay, it has been amazing to see how the utility sector is looking after it’s frontline staff and its customers.

But there was other news which is worthy of mention – Iberdrola has donated €22 million in medical supplies to the health sector in Spain, the US DOE has announced funding to train utility workers and first responders in DER safety and management, while in Italy, ENEL has launched a ‘Vacation Day Bank’ for employees. For some, it’s a case of business as usual as Southern California Edison begins insulating power lines ahead of the start of wildfire season. Says SCE foreman, Willie Rios: “It’s really important that we maintain the grid right now because first responders, hospitals and supermarkets are relying on electricity.”

Finally, Minecraft is helping school-going gamers understand renewable energy during the lockdown. The add-on to the game was developed for 9 to 15-year-olds and teaches children about the fundamental concepts of energy, which can then be applied to build a sustainably-powered Minecraft city. You might want to give it a try yourself?

Please continue to show your support for the utility staff out there who are continuing to show up and contribute to keeping utility services running. Enlit’s #HeartForTheSector hashtag is one such way for us to show our appreciation – why not use it in your social media posts too by way of showing your support?

I wish you a productive week, one in which you focus on the positive. We’d love to hear how you are doing and how you are supporting your staff and customers.

Until next time!

Now more than at any other time, we are working to keep you informed about the news and information that will enable you to continue to excel.

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