Green storage tips and tricks


The twenty first century has been all about planning towards a better future. It is important that we start the process of healing our planet and preserving it for our kids. We might be catching our last chance. Some people have gone vegan, some have found ways to reduce their carbon imprint, but it seems like everyone is thinking of ways to “go green”. The human race has become aware that our natural resources are in a limited supply. That is why we need to look for ways to save that supply or restore it if possible. One of the surprising places where people have found a way to preserve energy and reduce waste is storage. Green storage is a relatively new concept, but storage facilities with this kind of utility modernisation are emerging every day. Those numbers indicate that “green” is what consumers want. Here is some more information about this market niche and what you can do to join the trend.

Why is green storage so important?

Green storage protects the environment like we mentioned above. And how does it achieve such an important milestone? This service utilizes environmentally-friendly solar panels meeting optimal energy-efficient standards. Green units use smart technologies to keep your items safe and dry no matter what season it is because of that system. They usually incorporate a self-sustainable power system that saves money, so that the company holding the units can keep your rent costs low, all the while offering premium service and other benefits.

Save money on going green

Since the economy is constantly changing, and this also plays a big role in saving the planet, money has a big influence on the decisions that we make. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people are constantly struggling, trying to pay all the bills and feed their families. But, if you have to move, the good news is that you can save money by renting a green storage unit. And you will be able to save more than a few bucks. But let us crunch the numbers for you. If you need a storage unit just for a couple of months, going for the green improvements will not be a smart investment. In that case, mobile storage units might be the right option for your temporary needs. And you can adapt them yourself to be as green as you like! And especially if storing items is a permanent investment for you, a green storage unit is the only way to go! And experienced users say that it will start paying off after the initial few months.

Your using green storage reflects positively on global warming

Everyone is experiencing the consequences of global warming, and there is no more denying it. The summers have too much rain, and the winters are milder every year. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that it’s questionable whether the climate change we’ve caused can be reversed. But one thing is certain, we can still do damage control. The entire human population will benefit from stopping global warming. The first tip any experienced mover would give you is that you should opt for a green storage unit. Although a lot of things which are out of your hands, you can contribute with this one. Especially if you are a long term user. By deciding to switch to green storage you could improve the health of our planet. We should all be paying more attention to our actions and daily routines. The next step is controlling how much and what we consume. Maybe you should even give recycling a thought?

 Making your regular storage unit green

If you are on a tighter budget, and a storage facility made with the latest, green features is science fiction for now, don’t worry. Every relocation professional, with leading the movement, can contribute to raising awareness by sharing some important eco-friendly moving tips. Here are several simple ways you can make your current storage unit eco-friendly.

Use Sturdy Cardboard Containers

Try to always store your items in cardboard. Nowadays you can find very sturdy cardboard that act as a protective container for items carried inside. It’s green storage upside is that it’s biodegradable, and plastic isn’t. You can even go a step further, making sure the cardboard is made from recycled materials. Don’t worry about its sturdiness or durability, because recycled cardboard is heavy duty.

Limit plastic usage with reusable plastic

Don’t tape up your boxes because plastic tape is a waste of a costly and environmentally-dangerous material. We suggest you use plastic ties instead of plastic tape. You can use it for everything in your green storage. Secure cords, boxes, wires and other small items with zip ties. Be sure to find reusable ties.

Going green saves money. This isn’t the primary reason to take measures to protect the environment, but the truth is, going green saves money in the long term.

Recycle packing materials

When you finish unpacking, send the packing materials to a recycling center. You can also pass them along to a friend or neighbour who is moving. Now you are on the road to creating a more resourceful future. You can easily get pallets from businesses that they are usually throw away after a few uses. Pallets are multifunctional yet recyclable and renewable. You can put them on the ground in your storage unit to protect your items by lifting them off the ground.

Choose zero waste packing material

Best way to go green is to try go zero waste on everything you can. Consider packing with newspaper instead of wrapping everything in plastic. There is also an option of investing in biodegradable packing peanuts or packing peanuts made from recycled materials. Paper towels are biodegradable as well, so use them for items that are fragile. When you have to buy new containers, look for reclaimed, renewable, recycled, or repurpose ones.