Global Power and Energy Elites leaders 2021

Ever wonder what sets successful leaders and projects apart? The Global Power and Energy Elites may provide some answers.

Last week, we launched The Global Power & Energy Elites 2021. This annual publication, produced by Smart Energy International in collaboration with the global Clarion Power and Energy Series, is a celebration of the people and projects that are changing our energy futures.

Ranging from generation projects to smart metering; smart cities to data analytics, the Elites consider how innovation and optimisation are establishing the benchmarks for excellence, innovation and improved service delivery.

The project interviews run the gamut from crowd-powered solar projects, making the most of Hawaii’s sun and the gamification of demand response; decentralised energy trading and driving ‘digital first’ thinking.

The leadership interviews provide an amazing glimpse into the thoughts and experiences of the nominated leaders in the publication. From insights into what makes a successful leader, blind spots, motivation and risks, these interviews provide a glimpse into the minds of the people leading change.

To pick a favourite interview is a little like being asked which of your kids is your favourite… but I would recommend you read Bryan Spear’s interview, along with that of Paula Gold-Williams. Also, Lisa Hannant’s insights into leadership from slightly outside the sector are illuminating.

My particular top question was about what their favourite book in 2020 was – and answers ranged from Our Iceberg is Melting to On Fire – The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal; from Predictably Irrational to The Five Dysfunctions of a Team; and from Talking to Strangers to the MaddAddam Trilogy these books all provide lessons or perspectives outside of their normal day-to-day.

I highly recommend that you give the Global Power and Energy Elites a read – from projects to leaders this is a fascinating snapshot of the Global smart energy sector.

Let us know what you think, or even better, submit a nomination for the next Global Power and Energy Elites. Share your favourite interview with our readers on our LinkedIn post or drop us a message:

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