Ed’s note: Heating homes with hydrogen?


As energy prices in Europe continue to merrily soar, homeowners across the continent are beginning to face yet another expense: the ageing infrastructure of their own ageing gas boilers, most of them put in place during the gas hype of the previous century.

In countries like Greece (always fashionably late to the party), it was about twenty years ago when homeowners massively exchanged their oil tanks for gas boilers. I should know, my parents were among those who converted to the new ‘religion’.

But, is it perhaps now the time to switch them to hydrogen as the new hype would dictate? Not so fast, argue the authors of ’12 insights on Hydrogen’ and members of the German think-tank Agora Energiewende, Gniewomir Flis (Project Manager Hydrogen) and Dr Matthias Deutsch (Programme Lead Hydrogen).