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Energy sector insights, report analysis, predictions and examination of energy trends, grid innovation and energy market movements within the energy sector. Energy policy and regulatory frameworks are also included.

Oiling the energy wheels of industry

The climate fight will not be won without the involvement of the I&C sector and its willingness to embrace innovation and new technologies argues Mike Phelan.
electricity system

Local energy markets rethink the utility customer relationship

Local energy markets are a next-generation concept that could provide a solution aligning the needs of utilities, the grid and electricity consumers.
lithium-ion batteries

Does Europe have the tools it needs to quit importing batteries?

Batteries are a crucial component for Europe’s strategically important automotive industry as we leave the age of the internal combustion engine to rust.

Enterprise architecture blueprint for utilities – part 2

“Bad choices make good stories.” There is a famous saying “Bad choices make good stories”. What might be...

Ed’s note: Is a green recovery good for the utility sector?

The European Green Deal is the EU's action plan to reduce emissions and deliver a sustainable economy. But is a green recovery good for the utility sector?
energy poverty

Will EC’s Renovation Wave turn the tide on energy poverty?

The EU strategy could be instrumental is tackling Europe’s long-standing problem of energy poverty and its many associated issues.
innovation energy transition Marloes Wichink-Kruit

Why innovation is key for the energy transition

Energy transition: “Innovation is key to the energy sector and it can come from anywhere,” says EIT - InnoEnergy's Marloes Wichink-Kruit.
pandemic green transition

What if the pandemic accelerated the green transition?

“I think what we’re seeing now is a real commitment to use the energy transition as a means to come out of the pandemic in a more positive way.”
vanadium energy storage

What’s on the energy storage market besides lithium-ion batteries (part 2)

Although the vanadium technology dominated the flow battery scenario, over the last years a growing number of other redox flow batteries are populating the market.
climate change

Drought, flood and fire: planning for a changing climate

Water utilities reassessing assumptions about system resilience due to the effects of extreme weather associated with climate change.

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