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Ed’s note: Open airwaves – an unexpected consequence of C-19?

I have been contemplating the unexpected consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic recently. Much has been said about the potential financial impact and the impact on daily operations, but it is often in the unexpected that little gems can be found.

Virtual AUW highlights: Smart metering communication system best for your situation

The African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa session on key considerations in smart grid and metering communication took place on Friday 15 May.
wholesale energy prices

COVID-19 impacts on gas and power prices in summer

Gas & power prices may shape up over the summer months, considering whether the COVID-19 recovery could spark a lift for the markets not typically seen at this time of year.
energy efficiency

Ed’s note: Energy efficiency – an opportunity to build trust

Has our conversation around energy efficiency moved on? Have we shifted focus toward renewables while ignoring the opportunities offered by efficiency?
Utility virtual event

Virtual series: African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa may have been postponed to November 2020 but due to popular demand for information, expert opinion and connections with your peers and customers, you can now register to attend any of the ten virtual sessions.
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Coronavirus impacts: PPAs, AMI benefits and solar PV penetration

This article looks at the impact of Coronavirus on consumers with smart meters in the UK, PPAs worldwide and on shipments of solar PV modules in the US.
smart meter

COVID-19 slows meter market, accelerates software spend

COVID-19 could drive more spend than ever before on ‘beyond-the-meter’ software and services over the next ten years
Ireland electricity demand

COVID-19 impacts: Energy demand and emissions across Europe

Cornwall Insight has investigated the impact on the daily average energy demand and carbon emissions across five European countries
cheapest energy

Ed’s note: The war for the future of our planet

As discussions around the world turn toward post-pandemic recovery efforts, discussions around the role of renewable energy in kickstarting the world’s economy have been gaining in momentum.
siemens gamesa

Flexible asset PPA capacity and competition increases

The Power Purchase Agreement market for flexible assets in the last 6 months has grown in size and seen increased levels of competition with new off-takers

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