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Disaster management: wildfires in california

Ed’s note: Disasters are real, are you ready?

Research from Stanford proposes that each fire season will be drier, hotter, windier and subject to the conditions that will make fires more numerous. Editor Claire Volkwyn wonders how risk mitigation impacts utilities.
air quality emissions

Businesses need to take charge of emissions to power a greener...

As the world’s 13th largest emitting country for fossil-fuel emissions, it’s time for SA’s private sector to take responsibility for its contribution

Energy storage systems market to expand by over 6% per annum

The global energy storage systems market size surpassed $340 billion in 2018 and is set to achieve over 6% CAGR up to 2025 - Global Market Insights.

Ed’s note: What determines a utility’s ability to adapt to disruption?

What determines how well a utility adapts to the introduction of disruptive technology? And does the introduction of that technology always confer a competitive advantage on the utility? Editor Claire Volkwyn looks into the research in her latest ed's note.

Ed’s note: The long Sunday, consumers and technology

What impact has a move to remote working had on domestic energy bills? How does this impact utility business and what does this mean for digitalisation and the adoption of technology? Editor Claire Volkwyn is contemplating these questions in her latest ed's note.

Ed’s note: The true impact of COVID-19

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on utilities is a complex animal. Utilities are seeing a double impact on their bottom line, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor of Smart Energy International.

What might COVID-19 mean for DSOs in the long-term?

Anja Langer Jacquin, the CCO of DEPsys explains what might COVID 19 mean for energy distribution system operators (DSOs) in the long-term.
grid managers

Keeping the lights on at the end of the tunnel

Grid managers must consider what they can do quickly to prepare for further disruption. The problem is that strengthening the grid with physical assets is expensive.

Challenges of operating a grid during a pandemic

Anja Langer, the CCO of DEPsys looks at the threats and challenges experienced by energy grid operators during the pandemic.

To end King Coal’s reign, must his most loyal subjects get...

The paper recommends extensive compensation be considered for regional economies hardest hit by the loss of coal producers and energy-intensive industries

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