Sensiron’s mass flow meters for reliable gas meters

Sensiron’s mass flow meters for reliable gas meters

Sensirion is known for its innovative products, customized solutions and excellent support. The products set new standards in markets around the world.

The technology for smart micro-thermal gas meters has been carving out a place on the market for several years now. At present, over 100,000 of the modules are in use in Italy and Germany.

Sensirion’s standard products are available for type G1.6, G2.5, G4 and G6 gas meters and have already proved their reliability, long-term stability and resistance to both dust and dirt. The compact design, the low power consumption and digital I2C interface facilitate simple integration and handling. Recently, Sensirion started offering customers a ”Complete Design-In Solution”, with the result that everything comes from a single source.

In addition to the sensor product SGM70xx, the support package includes the calibration documentation and support for certification of gas meters. Furthermore, the package comes with a reference design, which simplifies the implementation of the sensor-relevant communication, the measurement reports as well as the gas quality compensation.

Sensirion continues to consolidate its position in the smart energy market. Its gas meter modules use the patented CMOSens® Technology and measure temperature- and pressure-compensated volumes in gas meters. This enables real-time calculation of gas consumption and creates the opportunity for greater transparency and control for both energy suppliers and end-consumers. It also leads to a long-term reduction in gas consumption and ensures that Sensirion’s mass flow sensors also meet the demands of new European legislation on the introduction of smart metering.

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