Steve Xu, Analyst, VaasaETT


Steve-Xu-croppedSteve Xu has worked on projects around the world focusing on Customer Engagement, Energy Feedback, Dynamic Pricing, Active Demand, Smart Grid, Smart Metering and Renewable Integration for energy utilities, regulatory organizations and smart grid technology and service providers. For instance, Steve has been involved in planning for customer engagement programmes for EU funded projects and pilots.

He has also designed process and feedback interfaces to help pilot participants save energy consumption. One of Steve’s focus areas is the design of energy customer engagement, through various feedback channels (IHD, web and mobile interface) and mechanisms (user interface design, gamification).

Steve Xu is also VaasaETT’s main analyst managing energy programme data from around the world. Steve manages VaasaETT’s world leading databases of smart grid, demand side, renewable integration and other programmes.

Steve has has worked for various organizations such as the World Energy Council, ADEME (France), Aurora Energy (Australia), BEAMA (Great Britain), Dong Energy (Denmark), EnerjiSA (Turkey), Opower (USA) and the European Union. Steve is currently, among other projects, working on three major EU funded projects.

Steve also has a strong background in business modelling, business ecosystem development and marketing, and has a focus also on Asia-Pacific concerning energy and environmental issues and smart energy innovations. Steve is currently expanding his experience and expertise in future oriented research, such as strategic foresight, and is also studying for his PhD.

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