Ed’s note: Unlocking flexibility for power and gas


Let me mention some names I am pretty sure most of you are familiar with: Ilaria Conti, Doug Wood, Eliano Russo, Lorenzo Celio, Mathieu Fransen, to name but a few.

What do they have in common? They are all going to participate in the Energy Markets Week that Enlit Europe 365 is organizing for the second year in a row. And they represent only a small fraction of the energy experts that are going to be part of this exquisite event. Together with other expert speakers from EFET, Europex, ACER, Engie, EWE, Alpiq, SAPPI Europe, Centrica, Enel X, Hydrogen Europe, FSR and Shell, they will attempt to predict the future of European Energy Markets.

After the success of last year’s event, Enlit Europe Content Director for Energy Markets, Patrick Bauduin hit repeat. So, from the 14th until the 17th of June, Enlit Europe 365 and Energy Markets are going to give center stage to the power and gas markets and discuss ways to unlock flexibility. Something our energy system is in need of.

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In a week full of live episodes, the focus will be on flexibility, as it is the key element in the discussions regarding the current market design and whether it is fit for our decarbonisation attempts and what role industrial energy users will play in the future. Not to mention their essential role in the plans of the European Commission and the Green Deal Strategy.

The future role of hydrogen and how the settlement cycle can be shortened will also be part of the discussion. Having in mind that one of the key objectives of the EU Hydrogen Strategy is to move towards a liquid market with commodity-based hydrogen trading, experts will discuss – on the 17th of June – how to move from vision to action and how to enable hydrogen as an integral element of Europe’s integral energy market. After all, if we are serious about decarbonising the European power and gas markets by 2050, we cannot but turn our focus towards hydrogen and friends (and here I mean renewables in general and the appropriate regulations that should accompany them).

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Indeed, “Europe has the means to respond to its decarbonisation challenges,” says Patrick Bauduin, “partly thanks to its open, competitive and liquid wholesale power and gas markets and market for carbon abatement instruments”.

And also, thanks to enabling new technologies and the democratization of the sector I would add, two aspects that gain momentum fast nowadays and that are also going to be part of the discussions.

Discussions, which I expect to be fascinating since, as Ilaria Conti said during her interview for the cover story of Smart Energy International issue 2, the only thing that is certain about the future, “is that we will have a completely different energy sector from today”.

The Energy Markets Week is going to open a much-needed forum for discussions regarding the future of the sector, which in a way, is our future. Because, as Bauduin says, “We love bringing together the various market participants. After all, energy producers, suppliers, consumers and traders are the enablers of a cost-effective transition to climate neutrality”.

I know I am going to attend all sessions. Do I see you there?


Areti Ntaradimou
Editor, Smart Energy International

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