About Goldcard

Since 1997, Goldcard's primary focus has been on IoT applications for public utilities, providing smart domestic meters, industrial and commercial meters, software and cloud services, etc., covering the utility fields of smart gas, smart water, and smart power. With new technologies, products, and services, Goldcard brings great synergistic effect in smart terminal, smart communication, big data, cloud computing, and mobile application to provide high-value and high-performance products, and end-to-end solutions including smart devices, communication module, IoT platform, application management software and Internet cloud services for public utility customers. Goldcard also builds long-term strategic cooperation relationships with various gas enterprises, Huawei, and Alibaba. With over 2,200 employees, of which over 1,000 are R&D staff, Goldcard covers more than 30 countries, serving over 3,000 public utility enterprises and over 55 million urban family users in more than 1,500 cities.

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