Industry insights

Customer engagement and trends within the EU energy market

Exploring the role of digital-enabled customer engagement to improve customer experience, services and enable utilities to address some of the pressing challenges they are facing.


demand-side management

The role of demand-side management in Europe’s energy transition

Azad Camyab, the founder and CEO of UK-based demand-side response aggregator Pearlstone Energy shares his thoughts on the opportunities and barriers within the market and how they can be taken advantage of or addressed.

Smart metering demands advanced lithium batteries

Leading AMR/AMI meter manufacturers specify bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) cells to power ultrasonic MTUs.

The new nexus of interoperability

The energy market is becoming more diverse with the emergence of new players, the changing dynamics of business operations and an ever-increasing level of complexity.
smart metering connectivity

Optimal voltage and current metering technology for smart distributed energy resources

Engineers are recently designing a PV DC line of smart distributed energy resources with DC 1500V to increase power generation efficiency.
Semtech LoRaWan

Compatibility within utilities metering

Although the needs of electricity, gas and water utilities vary, each utility type requires similar foundational technologies that conform with open standards.

A stitch in time saves nine

Highly performing communications are required for the successful rollout of smart metering systems, says Arkossa CEO Víctor Domínguez Richards