Smart Energy International’s exciting new collaboration with Technology Evangelist, Kevin O’Donovan


Smart Energy International is happy to announce an exciting new multi-media content collaboration with our favourite Technology Evangelist, Kevin O’Donovan.

Click here to see all the Energy Transition Technology Chats where Kevin focuses on technologies enabling our energy transition, and catches up with Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General of ENTSO-E to have a chat on the ENTSO-E, their Transparency Platform and a bunch of other topics.

A widely-recognised influencer on #EnergyTransition technology, Kevin joins our global network of contributors via his series of ‘Energy Transition Tech Chats’ and ‘A Glimpse Inside’ videos.

Being a bit of a storyteller, Kevin has been evangelizing how new technologies can transform the way we do things through-out his career.

As an experienced industry insider, Kevin has a proven track record of bridging the gap between the capabilities a new technology can bring and the practicalities of bringing that technology to market. We feel his videos will add value to our own content offering through this partnership.

Episodes List

Simply click on the episode below to watch:

Look out for more great content from Kevin on our platforms over the next few months, and follow @Kevin_O’Donovan on Twitter or look him up on LinkedIn.