British Gas energy efficiency
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UK utility British Gas has through its subsidiary Hive unveiled a new energy management service.

The new subscription-based energy management service Hive Heating Plus is designed to control consumer heating spend by improving heating efficiency.

The personalised service makes use of consumer smart meter data to provide suggestions on how users can stay on budget, improving energy efficiency and helping to reduce consumer carbon footprint.

The app also integrates data from Hive thermostats and information provided about the home, alongside local weather forecasts to produce personalised insights about a home’s heating behaviour. 

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The system notifies users when their home is using more energy than normal, or taking longer to heat up, alerts homeowners when there are potential issues with their heating system before they arise and guides them through simple steps to troubleshoot and make improvements. 

The service has been piloted to over 500 joint Hive and British Gas Energy customers. Of these customers, 75% remained within their target budget, more than two thirds agreed that they felt more in control of their heating spend and 40% used the service daily.

Americo Lenza, portfolio director – services & solutions, British Gas, said: “Hive Heating Plus will empower our customers to take real control of their energy usage, as well as their bills. We are committed to supporting our customers on their transition to a low carbon future, with efficient energy management an important step on this journey.”