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News and analysis concerning energy sector regulatory changes, bills, laws, utility compliance issues and shifts in government structure and policy. Project finance, energy sector surveys and reports on energy market trends, business risks and opportunities, together with information on cross border transmission and distribution is included.

energy storage

Bold Ideas 2020 to accelerate energy storage innovations launched

Cleantech startup incubator Greentown Labs has partnered with Schneider Electric to launch the 2020 Bold Ideas initiative for energy storage startups.
energy load

Highest offshore wind load factors recorded since 2015

Owing to elevated wind speeds in January onshore wind energy load factors averaged 42% for the month, and older offshore sites (pre-2016) reached an average of 52%.
Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered to invest $75bn in the energy transition through 2024

Standard Chartered will invest $75 billion to reduce the impact of its operations and customers’ on the environment through 2024.
Palestine Solar

Palestine’s West Bank to gain rooftop solar thanks to funding boost

IFC and Massader signed a loan agreement to finance the construction of hundreds of rooftop solar power projects across the West Bank, Palestine.
Russia Arctic

Russia announces new renewables-powered arctic research station

Russia’s MIPT has announced the start of construction of a renewables and hydrogen-powered International Arctic Station
smart grid communications

Getting to grips with smart grid communications

Register to attend this webinar on smart grid communications as we explore how important is interoperability and how hard is it to achieve?
German energy transition

IEA commends German energy sector’s transition efforts, but…

Germany has made progress on its impressive plans for transforming its energy system, but greater action is needed beyond the electricity sector, a new IEA report says.
smart grid communications

£2.8 million project to develop a smart local energy system in...

UKRI is funding a two-year project for the design of a smart local energy system in the town of Warrington.

SANEDI underway with large-scale home cooling initiative

SANEDI is now underway rolling out this low-tech cooling solution to communities across the country.

Best practices to extend battery life and minimise degradation applauded

RBC has applauded research published by the University of Michigan in the Journal of Energy Storage on best practices for consumers for extending the life of lithium-ion batteries.

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