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UK hydrogen

UK government backs world-first low carbon hydrogen projects

The UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded £13m ($17m) to fund two world-first hydrogen projects led by the HyNet consortium in the northwest of England.
storage project

Shell backs “Europe’s largest storage project” with offtake agreement

Shell Energy Europe will provide financial security for the Minety power storage project, declared to be Europe’s largest battery storage project, via an offtake agreement.
ENGIE hydrogen

ENGIE wins additional funding for Europe’s largest hydrogen vehicles project

ENGIE and partners have secured additional funding to implement the Zero Emission Valley Project.
Greece solar auction

Greece opens second renewable energy auction

Greece’s energy regulator, RAE, has announced the country’s second renewable energy auction for wind and solar power.
e.on youtube

E.ON shies away from YouTube attack, buys CO2 certificates for trending...

E.ON has bought carbon emissions certificates for its video which is trending on YouTube just weeks after the utility has attacked the video-sharing online platform.
Mozambique, climate change

Ed’s note: Comfort vs climate

In our newsletter today is a summary of an article originally published by the MIT Technology Review, about the “aggressive, detailed and wide-ranging plans for combating climate change,” that Senator Elizabeth Warren has put forward as part of her presidential campaign.

Warren’s $3 trillion climate change plan

White House candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren has put forward what is said to be "one of the most aggressive, detailed and wide-ranging plans for combating climate change," according to the MIT Technology Review.
Virginia Clean Energy

Virginia passes Clean Economy Act – sets renewables, storage targets

The Virginia state legislature narrowly passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act, passing into law a requirement that all energy produced in the state be renewable by 2050.
jeff bezos climate change

World’s richest man commits $10bn to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, has committed $10 billion to accelerate global efforts to combat climate change.
Clarion Energy

The future of trade publications: the ability to adapt and add...

“Clarion Events Africa’s trade publications are not only surviving, but thriving, because we have managed to reinvent the medium by embracing digital and key event partnerships to have a 360⁰ live visibility and accessibility.”

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