energy efficiency

Energy efficiency could make or break utility climate commitments

A new report released by Oracle Utilities and the Analysis Group discusses how energy efficiency programmes play a critical role in lowering carbon emissions.
xcel energy

Xcel Energy prepares grid for 1.5 million EVs by 2030

Xcel Energy has released its vision in light of the growing penetration of electric vehicles within its service territory.

Hydrogen refuelling project to advance Australia’s green transport sector

Hydrogen supply lines to Australia’s zero-emission vehicle industry have been strengthened, with a new deal signed by Australian gas company Coregas, Hyundai and Jemena.
t&d and ai

AI use for T&D management to record 14% growth

Guidehouse Insights predicts the global market for AI-based solutions for T&D network management will grow by 14.1% between 2020 and 2029.
climate finance

IFC vows to help Ukraine boost climate finance

The IFC has signed a cooperation agreement with Ukraine’s National Securities and Stock Market Commission to help boost climate finance in the country.
Wholesale Electricity Market

Canadian utility optimises energy trading in Mexico’s Wholesale Electricity Market

Northland Power has selected PCI to optimise energy trading and wholesale operations in the Mexico Wholesale Electricity Market.

Visa becomes world’s first digital payment firm to issue a green...

Visa has expanded its commitment to sustainability by issuing a $500 million green bond.
electricity bill

Just 29% of US millennials able to pay electricity bill says...

US consumers are struggling to pay their monthly utility bills, according to research from TransUnion.
renewables by 2030

UK’s National Infrastructure Commission calls for 65% renewables by 2030

New research carried out for the National Infrastructure Commission shows how sharp falls in the cost of renewable generation mean that Britain should aim for renewables to meet two-thirds of electricity needs by 2030 and that this can be delivered at the same overall cost as meeting only half of total demand by that date.
utilities decarbonisation

Major US utilities, EPRI announce massive decarbonisation drive

The Electric Power Research Institute, Gas Technology Institute and several of the US' largest utilities have announced a five-year initiative to accelerate demonstration.

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