Does mentoring still take place in the modern workplace?


Does mentoring still take place in the modern workplace, especially under the new age of virtual selling?

Why is mentoring important in your daily work routine?  Mentoring is a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect and is focused on creating an informal association between the mentor and the mentee.

Today we would like to share with you the mentoring programme we have in place at KG by recognising Aaron Buchholz.

Aaron Buchholz, KG Technologies, Inc., vice president of marketing, sales and business development, provides much more than just being ‘The Boss’.

He continues to mentor the team with respect and always thanks the team for their hard work. We would like to share feedback based on interviews with a few team members.

Balbir Singh, sales manager India and ASEAN at KG Technologies, Inc. “Aaron helps to transform our mistakes into valuable lessons. His leadership has made us more productive and converted our skills into strengths.

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Hugo Steyn, director of engineering, KG Technologies, Inc, adds: “What I appreciate about Aaron is his passion for his job. He continuously strives for us to do better and to improve ourselves and the company’s performance as well. He is open to constructive criticism and appreciates input from team members. Aaron is very loyal to his team and will stand up for them in tough situations.”

Nick Morelli, director of new business development, KG Technologies, Inc, reiterates: “Aaron pushes us outside of our comfort zone, inspiring us to grow our skills and competencies and will always provide honest feedback. He does not micro-manage and he allows us the freedom to manage and complete our tasks. He demands hard work from his team, but reciprocates with hard work of his own”.

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