EIT InnoEnergy takes energy innovation support to US


Energy innovation accelerator EIT InnoEnergy has opened a US office in Boston, MA to expand support for entrepreneurs in the sector.

The Netherlands-headquartered organization says the new office will help entrepreneurs develop their innovations and reduce time to market by providing direct access to the more than five hundred industrial partners in EIT InnoEnergy’s ecosystem.

EIT InnoEnergy considers the United States as its next primary market. The transatlantic expansion should be mutually beneficial to start-ups and partners on both sides of the ocean in offering access to new markets and resources including investors, educators and talent.

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“Solving the energy transition is a challenge without borders. By expanding our ecosystem to incorporate more diversity and richness, we can ensure that the very best sustainable energy innovations benefit all corners of the world,” says EIT InnoEnergy innovation director and executive board member, Elena Bou.

Supporting the launch, EIT InnoEnergy has signed a partnership with Massachusetts-based cleantech start-up incubator Greentown Labs. EIT InnoEnergy and Greentown Labs are both members of the Incubatenergy Network, a consortium of US clean energy-focused incubators that have supported more than 500 companies.

EIT InnoEnergy’s new office is led by former Greentown Labs founding team member Mark Vasu, who has been appointed as US Operations Manager. Elena Bou has joined Greentown Labs’ Advisory Board.

EIT InnoEnergy is part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. It provides funding and support for entrepreneurs and startups to grow their offerings and enter new markets.

EIT InnoEnergy says it chose Boston, MA, because it is a hotbed for sustainable energy innovation and entrepreneurialism. The city has an active start-up community, as well as a vibrant local network of research universities, institutions and investors. Boston also benefits from supportive public policy at local and state level.

The Boston location joins EIT InnoEnergy’s network of European offices in Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Grenoble, Stockholm, Krakow, Brussels, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.