First stop flexibility for Enlit Europe projects series


Areti Ntaradimou introduces a new Enlit Europe initiative to spotlight the projects that aim to unlock a clean energy future.

Shifting towards a low carbon economy is not an easy task, even for the progressive and relatively rich European Union.

Yet the increasing deployment of renewable sources of energy is driving vast and deep changes in the power grid’s infrastructure.

And these renewable energies are indispensable if the European Union wishes to transform its ambitious Green Deal plan into reality.

As Mark van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Research, Innovation, Competitiveness and Digitalisation at the European Commission’s DG Energy, says: “To achieve our goal for climate neutrality and greenhouse emission reduction, we will need to introduce more renewables into the energy system.”

An additional demand for further research funding and effective regulations comes from the multitude of digital developments in the energy sector, such as big data, the internet of things, smart grids, electric vehicle solutions, smart homes and buildings, artificial intelligence, smart metering, 5G and high-performance computing.

The Commission’s response to this demand was fast and the digitalisation of the energy sector has been ongoing for several years.

On top of all that, last year the EC raised the climate goals for the European states and proposed a 55% cut in emissions compared to 1990 levels, by 2030.

The previous target had been a reduction of 40% by the same year. This may seem a bit exaggerated at first glance, but as Van Stiphout states: “By doing more now, we can be sure that we achieve the 2050 target.”

In order to achieve the climate neutrality and emission reduction goals, we need solutions that will contribute to various aspects of the energy sector, from storage and grid infrastructure to electric vehicles and data management.



And those much-needed solutions come from constant research and innovation which various European projects bring to the table. That is why the EC and various energy companies in Europe finance projects that promote R&D in various topics of the energy sector.

Creating a viable target and investing in the correct people and projects that can help us hit that target is the plan. However, in a plethora of projects, it is easy for some to get lost.

Therefore, Enlit Europe has created the Projects Series to champion these initiatives and the people behind them through articles, podcasts, interviews and webcasts.

The Series is currently focusing on the topic of Flexibility. Projects such as Merlon, FlexCOOP, Osmose, Platone and Flexigrid are fine examples of how the EC is planning to unlock flexibility in the grid.

Enlit Europe 365 will host these projects and many more and act as a platform to plot the course for a clean energy future.

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