Italy’s Ansaldo Energia deepens commitment to sustainability


Power engineering company Ansaldo Energia has compiled its first energy and corporate sustainability report.

Highlights of the report include an almost 7% reduction in CO2 emissions from electricity consumption – including 280.6tCO2e of direct greenhouse gas emissions and 1,563.8tCO2e of induced emissions – as well as an over 20% decrease in water consumption and over 10% decrease in the production of special wastes compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, in 2020 Ansaldo Energia became the first Italian company in the industry to obtain Biosafety Trust Certification, a new form of certification of best practices minimising the risk of spreading epidemics, in addition to ISO 14001 on environmental management, ISO 45001 on safety management, ISO9001 on quality management and ISO 37001 on anti-corruption certification.

“The extraordinary nature of the year 2020 led us to take a closer look at our own processes and actions and our relationship with our stakeholders,” says Irma Belardi, Head of Corporate HR and Sustainability.

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“Ansaldo Energia has the opportunity to play a key role in the years to come in promoting a transition to an energy-efficient economy producing less CO2 emissions, with the goal of giving absolute priority to the green and digital transitions.”

In terms of energy sustainability, Ansaldo Energia intends to play a leading role in the national and European energy transitions, with a focus in the areas of gas turbines, storage systems and wind generators.

For example, the company plans the development of new turbines capable of using biofuels and hydrogen, instead of natural gas. Alongside this, an agreement has been concluded with a start-up to integrate storage to turbogas plants, with flow batteries and hydrogen as potential options.

The company also intends to manufacture hydrogen electrolysers, while another segment of possible diversification is the production of wind turbines for both onshore and offshore applications.

Overarching these is the opportunity for system integration with the delivery of digital solutions to optimise operations.

In terms of corporate sustainability, issues include improved management methods to pursue the goal of sustainable, inclusive growth.

Ansaldo Energia regards its sustainability report as the first step in a process of sustainability reporting and says it is proof that the company has taken this important step in the direction of transparency and ongoing improvement.

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