UK gas and water utility partnership to bring new benefits to consumers


British Gas and Thames Water are partnering to offer a choice of new services to the latter’s customer base.

Under the partnership the first offering is British Gas’s plumbing and drain services to Thames Water home owning customers, with cover initially offered for £0.99 (US$1.40) per month.

British Gas and subsidiary Dyno Rod engineers will carry out the work, which will be a mix of maintenance services including unblocking sinks and toilets as well as on-demand services for issues such as burst pipes.

Thames Water serves 3.3 million household customers in greater London, the Thames Valley and other parts of England, of which more than half are homeowners. This customer base of 1.85 million will be supported initially, with further services for non-homeowners to come.

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“This is our first strategic partnership with a water company,” comments Matthew Bateman, Managing Director of British Gas Services and Solutions.

“There are many ways we may be able to help further, for example, we will be discussing how some of our smart home products can also help with water leak detection, which will help Thames goal of environmental impact.”

Novel partnerships such as this open the way for new services for customers, as well as providing a new revenue opportunity for the partner utilities.

Around a quarter of the leaks Thames Water fixes are at customers’ properties. The company is employing a range of measures to help detect and fix leaks in its network, including temperature analysis, devices installed in large pipes to monitor the water flow and even a sniffer dog which can detect the small amounts of chlorine in drinking water.

“We know how disruptive a blocked toilet or a leaking pipe in your home can be and by partnering with British Gas we can offer our customers trusted services to cover unexpected plumbing and drainage problems if they happen on their property,” says Warren Buckley, Retail Director at Thames Water.

“We’re working hard to reduce leakage across our network and these services will help customers stop leaks and save water in their own homes.”