Brazil’s Neoenergia develops portable power meter tester


Neoenergia’s new portable tester enables meters to be tested in situ without the need to interrupt the supply.

The portable tester developed under the regulator Aneel’s research programme brings a new level of innovation to Brazil’s electricity sector.

Up to now, the distributor would need to interrupt the supply to conduct a quality and integrity verification. With the new tester, this need is eliminated and measurements can be conducted with the supply uninterrupted.

Meter accuracy verification is necessary whenever there is a request from the customer.

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“Due to the regulatory obligation, the distributor has to go to the residence to check the condition of the meter and with this innovation, the relationship with the customer is improved,” comments José Antonio Brito, Corporate Director of Neoenergia’s Research and Development.

The standard governing the metrology process requires that meter accuracy tests are performed at predefined current levels. Up to now, these tests could only be performed in the laboratory.

The new portable technology brings laboratory level metrological precision to the field and enables all the tests required by regulation to be carried out in situ along with the printing of a report for the customer.

In addition to testing on customer request, distributors can now undertake verification themselves as part of their annual inspection programmes focussed on combatting energy fraud, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process.

The portable tester is operated via an integrated tablet.

Thirty testers are to be made available for use by its five distribution subsidiaries, Coelba, Celpe, Cosern, Elektro and CEB-D, which deliver electricity to 34 million in five states.