Compact SCADA with wireless sensor interface for AMR applications


Nashau, NH, U.S.A. – (METERING.COM) — December 19, 2007 – Telemetry and automation solutions provider Semaphore has introduced a firmware update that allows its T-BOX line of RTU products to communicate with a network of Coronis Systems wireless sensor products, opening the way for use in AMR among other applications.

The T-BOX RTU, an IP-based telemetry solution that enables complete integration of SCADA, control, and communications functionality in one package, can serve information including alarms, live status, machine health, trends, and historical reports to multiple recipients via the Internet, intranets, email, or SMS text messaging. The T-BOX RTU further provides programmable control functionality.

Coronis Systems sensor products provide a reliable solution for monitoring and recording process data wirelessly in energy and other applications, based on its Wavenis ultra low power (ULP) wireless technology.

Interfacing a T-BOX Lite SCADA system to a network of Wavenis wireless sensors via a Waveport network access device, for example, using push technology, live and historical metering information is available to users through email, SMS messaging, FTP and the Internet.

Semaphore, established in 2006 in a merger of RTUnet of Australia and TechnoTrade SA of Belgium, is a subsidiary of the Singapore-based CSE-Global Limited (CSE).