Ed’s note: Your thoughts as a new decade dawns


The Smart Energy International team are back from European Utility Week 2019 – now know as Enlit – and are already preparing for our first print edition for 2020.

This edition will have a very strong focus on the United States and will be distributed to the stakeholders and attendees at DISTRIBUTECH 2020 in San Antonio, Texas.

As with every year, we are working on a 2020 predictions article for our first edition, and this week it’s your opinion I am after.

I would like to ask our readers to share their thoughts and insights into the beginning of a new decade.

Specifically, I’d like to ask for your input into the following questions:

  1. How will we fare in the 2020s with efforts to decarbonise our energy sector?
  2. Will electrification of transport, heating etc become as prevalent as it would currently appear?
  3. What is the role of gas in this new decarbonised energy sector?
  4. Where do we stand on cybersecurity and do we perceive threat levels increasing or decreasing?
  5. What’s going to happen on the grid edge?
  6. Where do you anticipate our biggest wins being?

Your insights will not only provide food for thought, but will help us ensure we deliver a holistic perspective to our community, providing a platform for discussion and debate, collaboration and progress.

Join the conversation! Email me: editorial@smart-energy.com

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on 2020.


PS: If you haven already done so – watch our videos from Enlit, read our most recent edition and be sure to download the Global Power & Energy Elites.