Elster 20 MA Current Loop Option Board


The 20 mA Current Loop Option Board provides a link between our ALPHA family of meters and computers, or other third party communication systems, achieving point-to-point communication up to 19.2 kbps. It is a single board design providing a cable connector. It can also be provided with optional 1, 2, or 6 relays for pulse output, load control, or end of interval indication.


  • Use the 20 mA current loop option board to connect to an AMR communication device
  • Use to provide a direct connection between a meter and a computer using the computer’s serial port and a current loop to a RS-232 converter
  • For use with time-of-use ALPHA Plus® meters (excludes A1D and A1DQ meters)
  • For use with A3 ALPHA® meters
    Elster 20 MA Current Loop Option Board