Elster Enhanced Function Option Board


The Enhanced Function Option Board, when added to the A3 ALPHA® meter, increases the meter’s revenue billing capabilities, adds load profile recording, and enables remote communications with the meter. The option board enables A3 ALPHA meter programmability for non-standard metering functions.


  • Multi-quadrant metering permits meters to measure up to four different quantities of real and reactive power
  • Load profile recording enables meters to record interval by interval metering data for an entire billing period (up to four different channels of data with the -A or -AL version)
  • Exponential demand option calculates demand on a logarithmic curve similar to thermal demand
  • Real and reactive optical pulse testing (A1R and A1K) permits echo test pulses of both real and reactive energy measurements
  • Collection and display of various sets of metered quantities to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Remote communication (when combined with an internal modem option board, external serial communications option board or a 20 mA current loop option board)
    Elster Enhanced Function Option Board