The internal cellular modem (ICM) is a new addition to the Elster Electricity portfolio of communication option boards for the A3 ALPHA® meter (with A3 firmware 2.0 higher). This communication solution is based on analog cellular technology that provides network coverage where digital technology is impractical or unavailable. With the under-the-cover ICM, the A3 ALPHA meter communicates using the vast RF coverage of wireless public networks.

The ICM communication option is a reliable and cost effective solution because it eliminates the need to install telephone lines, and eliminates the expense associated with purchasing and installing external cellular boxes. The ICM option is available for hard-to-access areas where phone lines cannot be installed.

Since the ICM is under-the-cover, it is already in place and ready to operate when the A3 ALPHA meter is installed. No additional equipment or installation procedures are required. Elster Electricity’s Metercat™ support software allows the user to view the status of the ICM, check its communication link, and configure the ICM at the meter site or remotely.

Elster Internal Cellular Modem Option Board