The Internal LAN Controller (ILC1) option board is an interface that connects an A3 ALPHA® meter/collector to a network of REX™ meters. The primary task of the ILC1 option board is to maintain a two-way 900 MHz radio frequency (RF) local area network (LAN) for REX Meters. This enables an A3 ALPHA meter/collector to act as a data collector and interface that provides two-way communications between Elster Electricity’s EnergyAxis® Metering Automation Server (MAS) and a mesh network of self-registering and repeating REX meters. The ILC1 option board also periodically reads and stores billing and load profile data from each REX meter on the LAN that is registered to the A3 ALPHA meter/collector.

The option board mounts to the main circuit board within the meter. The antenna for the ILC1 option board mounts on the electronic assembly housing and fits under the cover the A3 ALPHA meter/collector.

Elster Internal LAN Controller Option Board